Fish Facts: Tiger Oscar- Astonotus Ocelliatus

Species: Tiger Oscar – Astonotus Ocelliatus

AKA: Oscar, Velvet Cichlid, Standard Oscar, Standard Oscar and Marble Cichlid

Adult size: 1-1 1/2 feet

Lifespan: avg 10 years

Water Temp: 75°F-85°F (24°C-29°C)

Water PH: 6.5 to 7.5

Water Type: Fresh Water

Schooling: 1 or more, do well with similarly sized fish and other cichlids.

Recommended tank: Oscars start small but grow large very quickly, some people say you can start with 20 and 55 gallon tanks, but my recommendation is don’t start with anything under 75 as it won’t be long before you’ll need to upgrade especially if you have any other fish. A 75 will be needed to keep just one adult Oscar.

Good Tank-mates: Barbs, other Cichlids and other Oscars.

Bad Tank-mates: Smaller fish will become meals Oscars will eat about anything they can get a hold of so its best to stick with large fish that aggressive enough to protect themselves.

Diet: Oscars are the proverbial goat of the Aquarium world, they will eat pretty much anything that is available. They’re carnivorous as a majority, but can be fed pellets that are designed for them and fruit. They’ll gladly eat anything, but you need to make sure they get a sufficient amount of vitamin C. The occasional orange slice will help keep alot of diseases away. Avoid Rosies and Goldfish as feeder fish, as they will often give oscars diseases.

Habitat: Oscars come from the Amazon Basin and its tributaries where they eat anything that falls in the water or is small enough for them to grab. They will need lots of rocks and plants. Put them in and the Oscar will arrange them the way they like, leave it be cause they’ll just put it back if you move it.

Pros: Oscars have very vibrant colors, they’ll swim all over the tank, and they’re a fish you’ll never have to worry about finding in the tank.

Cautions: As with all Cichlids Oscars are very susceptible to Hole in head. Keep an eye out for early symptoms as this will kill them very quickly. Also Oscars can jump, so make sure you not only have a hood with a lid, but a sturdy enough lid to keep them from forcing their way out.

Summary: Oscars are intelligent, vibrant, and beautiful fish. They’ll arrange the aquarium how they see fit, and will be a fish that if well taken care of you can have for a pretty long time. They’re a moderately difficult fish to keep healthy. They need space, clean water, and plenty of food. Oscars are aggressive fish, any smaller fish will be harassed and often killed so pick its tank-mates carefully if you choose to have any. Prepare for the size, Oscars grow quickly, so don’t expect to keep him in a smaller tank for long if you choose to start with a smaller tank plan ahead cause they’ll grow fast.

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