Fish Facts: Guppy

Species: Guppy- Pecilia Reticulata


Adult size: less then 3 inches.

Lifespan: approximately 1-2 yrs

Water Temp: 72°F-80°F (22°C-26°C)

Water PH:7.0-8.0

Water Type: Fresh Water

Schooling:Guppies do well in groups, but are likely to breed extremely quickly.

Recommended tank: 5 Gallon +

Good Tank-mates: Other peaceful fish such as Glass Fish, Ghost Shrimp, Tetras, White Clouds.

Bad Tank-mates: Large aggressive fish. If you get fancy guppy especially any fish with a nipping tendency will either kill or eventually shorten the lifespan through stress.

Diet:Guppies eat a very diverse types of food, flakes, brine shrimp blood worms, insect larvae, black worms, and brine shrimp. Guppies can only eat a small amount at a time so smaller amounts spread between 2 or 3 times a day will be better for them. Habitat:Natively coming from South and Central America as well as Trinidad, but have been introduced to populations world wide to diminish large mosquito  populations. Live plants work especially well for guppies since it will give them something to snack on between feedings.

Pros: These fish are very active and pretty easy to keep. They’ll often reproduce quickly so that you only need to buy a few to have a lot. They’ve got a lot of personality for such a small fish and are fun to watch.

Cautions: These fish like most don’t handle stress well and it will significantly shorten their already short life span. Also these fish breed very quickly so it is best to consider how you will deal with the offspring to avoid an over crowded tank. Many other fish may eat the fry, including the adult guppies, but its always wise to plan ahead.

Summary: Guppies reportedly can survive in higher salinity if conditioned slowly, while I’ve not tried this I’ve seen it reported many places and many times. Personally I recommend a fresh water tank for them. They’re very peaceful, and will get along well with most peaceful fish are make a great addition to any community fish tanks. Live plants will offer them snacks and a good place for fry to hide if you want to breed them.

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2 Responses to Fish Facts: Guppy

  1. Guppy Fish says:

    That’s a beautiful looking guppy you got there, I’ve been keeping and breeding guppies for about 3 years now but haven’t ever seen one like that, what is the strain called?

  2. Michael says:

    The Guppy featured in the image is a Fancy Guppy. The actual image is not of a fish we own, but since as you stated it was a beautiful specimen we wanted to feature it. Have you enjoyed keeping and breeding guppies and would you have an words of advice to new fish owners interested in keeping them?

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