Fish Facts: Violet Goby

Gobiodes Broussonnetii, Dragon Goby, Dragon fish, Peruvian Goby

Species: Violet Goby-Gobioides Broussonnetii

AKA: Dragon Goby, Dragon Fish, and Peruvian Goby

Adult size: Wild-about 2 feet, Captive usually 14-16 inches.

Lifespan: avg 10-12 yrs

Water Temp: 76°F-80°F (24°C-26°C)

Water PH: 6.5-8.0

Water Type: Brackish-a salinity between 1.006-1.008

Schooling: Solitary or 4 or more, Often when in small groups the dominant Goby will badger the weaker ones.

Recommended tank:29 and up while it won’t be as aggressive with other fish if more then one Goby occupies a tank to small the stronger will kill the other.

Good Tank-mates: Peaceful brackish tolerent fish two good companions are mollies and guppies.

Bad Tank-mates: Because the Violent Goby is a mostly docile fish, that is nearly blind, you want to avoid putting one with fish that will take the food before it can feed, and any aggressive fish. Keep in mind some smaller fish may be eaten by the Goby if he is under fed the opportunity is there but if well fed your small fish should be safe.

Diet: Omnivorous-Mostly scavangers, but remember algae is a critical part of this fish’s diet, also insects and their larvae, brine shrimp. Due to the fish’s near blindness its a very opportunistic feeder, but cannot compete with smaller faster fish for food. Since this fish is more active at night that is usually the best time to feed them as well.

Habitat: Brackish Water, this fish is often sold in stores as a fresh water fish it is not, it is native to brackish water along the atlantic coast from Georgia down to Central and South America. This fish needs about 30 gallons with lots of vegetation and hiding places. This isn’t a fish you’ll see as often because it will be most active at night, and spends a lot of time hiding. While often protrayed as violent this near sighted fish rarely has problems with any other fish.

Pros: Violet Gobies are not as common as some other fish, so they can be a fun addition to a tank. Gobies will help to keep your substrate clean as they will filter it for food particles and use their teeth to scrap algae from rocks and hard surfaces in the tank. This distinctive fish can be quite beautiful when well taken care of.

Cautions: Gobies are often misrepresented when sold, these fish should never be placed with aggressive fish. These fish require a specific salinity and temperature, which makes them a moderate difficulty to care for. These fish are also susceptible to Finrot and other bacterial infections that are hard to treat and can spread through out your tank, so you must be mindful of their health.

Summary: Violet Gobies have a distinct eel like appearance with fins that run the majority of its body. They have small eyes and large mouths filled with smal sharp teeth. Unfortunately their appearance has given them a bad reputation as an aggressive fish, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Often these fish will remain hidden through out the day and won’t come out until the light goes out. These fish will then sift your substrate and eat your algae, because that is the majority of their food source although blood worms make a great treat to keep their diet balanced. While Gobies can be territorial with each other when well fed they should get along well with any other peaceful fish in their tank. These fish will display a beautiful silver blue and gold pattern when healthy and make a great addition to any brackish tank.

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